Scientific Works

In addition to game development, SiChris Productions has also been involved in scientific work, which has so far resulted in three publications in peer-reviewed journals. All SiChris publications are available below.

If you are in need of scientific consulting or just have questions concerning my work, don't hesitate to contact me.

Journal of Theoretical Biology

Non-stationary aging dynamics in ant societies

The article introduces a model where interacting ants move in a stochastic fashion from one site to a neighboring site on a finite 2D lattice. Depending on the parameters, the dynamics either quickly converges to a stationary state, or may enter a non-stationary regime.


Phys. Rev. E

Thermal shifts and intermittent linear response of aging systems

The second of two articles based on my Masters thesis. This article goes into detail concerning the statistical distribution of the so-called "quakes", which cause sudden changes in the system, between longer periods of stability.


New Journal of Physics

Linear response subordination to intermittent energy release in off-equilibrium aging dynamics

This is the first article based on my Masters thesis work. It describes the basic behavior of an abstract model of a complex system, which can be observed to evolve through sudden intermittent changes, separated by longer periods of stability. Similar behavior can be observed in many real systems, including biological evolution, financial markets and certain magnetic alloys.


Masters Thesis

Linear response and intermittency in low-temperature glassy dynamics

My masters thesis dealt with an abstract model of a class of complex systems, and lead to the publication of two articles in peer-reviewed journals. The thesis is written in Danish, but there is a one page English abstract in the introduction. For people who read the language, the thesis is probably a lot easier to understand than the two published articles. The introduction is written to be understandable by laymen.

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